A Summer Scent


Let’s face it, smelling great is an amazing confidence booster.  We love scents that last all day without having an overpowering smell. Evelyn narrowed down three fragrances that she loves for summer and wants to share them with you! She made sure to keep all price points in mind, so no matter your budget, she has you covered!

Evelyn’s first pick is Nollie by PacSun.  The best part of this one is the price, only $20 (in-store and online)! This fragrance has sweet fruit scents with floral undertones and hints of pink rose petals and white jasmine.  Sounds amazing, right? Well… it is. This will be your go-to for the summer, trust us!

Our next pick is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. We have one word for this perfume… classy. The packaging for this fragrance is super cute, we love the pink and gold combo!  Although this one is a little pricier ($75 chanel.com), we truly believe you get what you pay for.  This scent can be described as feminine, fresh and luxurious. It smells as heavenly as it sounds!


We saved the best fragrance for last... Bella by Vince Camuto ($85 ulta.com) is Evelyn’s all-time favorite! This scent is the number one compliment receiver. The scent can be described as the most amazing fresh citrus/earthy combo. Conveniently, this one is also available in a roller ball form for those on-the-go touch ups! 


 Two to three sprays of these on your pressure points will be sure to last all day long, otherwise, what's the point? We think it is one of the most important aspects of a perfume besides smelling great. Evelyn chose ones that would not need to be repurchased too often, and of course, smell amazing too! We hope you love these perfumes just as much as we do. Tell us your favorite scent in the comments!

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