Got Acne...

Let's talk about what can cause Acne. 

That morning cup of Joe might be doing you more than just waking you up. Caffeinated drinks throw off your skin's pH balance. Try some lemon water or herbal tea. 


We all love to be a chatty Cathy but those smart phones are covered with bacteria. Clean your screen everyday. 


Beauty sleep ??? No I'm not talking about lash naps (hehe), lack of sleep weakens the immune system! Turn off those electronics and reset yourself. 


Sugar Sugar Oh Honey Honey ... Bet you didn't know sugar produces excess oil. Eating a balanced diet is very important when it comes to skin. Grab the apple, not the cookie.


Are you skipping a step in your skincare routine? Using a toner is key to rebalancing the skin. My favorite is Cecilia Wong, of course!


These are just some of the sneaky causes. Contact us to book your next deep cleansing facial.

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