Discovery Set

"The Original" in eyelash extensions! Designed to give you the illusion of mascara and eyeliner.


Discovery Fill-ins

2 weeks    $65

3 weeks    $90


Hybrid Set

An advanced technique using a blend of volume and classic lashing to fill and volumize lashes as needed to create a full and elegant look.


Hybrid Fill-ins

2 weeks    $85

3 weeks    $110


Evolve Set

The "Rolls Royce" of eyelash extensions! Using super-fine lashes, we pick up 3-6 individual lashes and spread them into a fan (NOT A CLUSTER). This fan will always be lighter or equal to the weight of one single lash. One fan is applied to one natural lash and will not cause any lash damage when applied correctly.


Evolve Fill-ins

2 weeks    $105

3 weeks    $130


Farewell Lashes

$50 and up